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Vernon Hudson v. City of Chicago;  unlawful police car chase wherein an unauthorized police vehicle caused a car crash severely injuring Vernon Hudson, rendering him an incomplete quadriplegic resulting in a $17,800,000 jury verdict.  The City ultimately paid $23,000,000 after paying interest for 3 years while the case was on appeal.


William Kurtz v. City of Chicago;  unlawful police car chase wherein police officers initiated a chase of a vehicle for a minor traffic infraction resulting in an 80 mph chase down city streets.  The bullet vehicle ultimately struck the victim who sustained serious and permanent  leg injuries .  The case settled for $1,365,000.


Luis Colon v. City of Chicago; police officer shot victim once in the back while he was running away from.  The police officer claimed the victim turned, pointed his shoulder at the police officer with a long barrel weapon in his right hand.  A gun was recovered.  Settled for $95,000.


Flint Farmer v. City of Chicago; victim was involved in a domestic violence dispute with his girlfriend.  Police officers arrived on scene and chased victim out his house and down the street wherein an officer directly encountered victim.  The victim was shot multiple times and killed while captured on responding officer dash cam.  The victim was unarmed.  Settled for $4,100.000.


Freddie Wilson v. City of Chicago; victim was driving his friends vehicle when police officers pulled him over for non-operating from headlight.  Within minutes back up units arrived for this offense and the claim was subsequently made the victim pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the officers surrounding his vehicle.  He was shot at 24 times with 18 of the shots striking him and killing him.  It was discovered that the gun found on the scene did not belong to the victim but was planted there by the police so as to justify the shoot.  The case settled one week before trial  for $4,500,000.


Joshua Salvato v. Marion County Sheriff’s Office; victim was walking around shirtless on a dark road arguing with unknown person.  Sheriff responded to the disturbance finding victim alone and cooperative.  A back up unit arrived shortly after who unnecessarily seized the victim for no good cause attempting to handcuff him.  A scuffle ensued, the original responding sheriff shot victim in defense of herself and back up sheriff tased victim 12 times.  The victim died on scene.  The jury returned a verdict of $2,300,000 against the defendants, including a federal civil rights violation.

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