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Settlement Reached in Shooting Death of Freddy Wilson by CPD

Posted on: November 23rd, 2015 by Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

Attorney for Wilson family praises agreement, says family can now find closure
CHICAGO (February 5, 2014)–Antonio Romanucci, the attorney for family members of Freddy Latrice Wilson, today lauded a Chicago City Council vote to approve a $4.5 million settlement in the 2007 shooting death of Wilson by Chicago police officers.
Freddie Latrice Wilson was 34 years old when he was shot 18 times by three officers in November 2007 in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood on West Side. Wilson was a rapper who performed as “The Saint.”
Attorney Antonio M. Romanucci of the prominent Chicago personal injury law firm Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, represented the family in the lawsuit(s), and declared the anticipated settlements were a proper decision by the City Council.
“This decision represents a powerful acknowledgement, six years after Mr. Wilson’s death, that there were serious unanswered questions and problems in this event. The Council members have chosen to acknowledge wrongdoing and to compensate Freddie’s children and save them the trauma of a trial. Freddie was trying to turn his life around. He sang about the dangers of the streets. While his children will grow up without their father, they will receive some closure now and move forward.”
The City Council’s decision, Romanucci added, “represents a new era and a new approach to police misconduct. This settlement unquestionably puts the City ahead of a dark period in its history. We can all hope that this settlement will  raise CPD morale and make the city safer.”
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