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Police Misconduct: Section 1983 Violations

Posted on: December 19th, 2014 by Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

by Antonio M. Romanucci & Angela Kurtz in Trial Journal, Winter 2015

Until approximately 20 years ago, video recordings of police misconduct were rarely available. Dash cams were just starting to be recognized as equipment that could assist police offi cers, and personal video cameras on the persons of police officers were unheard of. Along with the technological boom of the ’90’s came great strides in audio and video recording capabilities, and along with that came a television show called COPS and cable television channel SPIKE. These “entertainment” channels purportedly follow well intentioned police officers doing their business in some of the nation’s most dangerous cities and neighborhoods. Typically, because of editorial privilege, police misconduct is rarely, if ever shown. Instead, it is always a belligerent suspect who is shown fighting or spitting or resisting against police officers, who invariably seem to use the correct tactics, employ the optimum demeanor, and use the  right amount of force necessary to control the worst of the country’s criminal offenders. Read the full article here