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It’s Not Just the CPD (Chicago Police Department)

Posted on: October 7th, 2014 by Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

With today’s Chicago Tribune front page web story that recounts yet another incident of police brutality—this time, in nearby Hammond, Indiana—this type of allegation of misconduct against people in authority who are public servants has become the norm.

In this particular case, the plaintiff alleges excessive force, battery, and false arrest for smashing a car window and tasering a passenger during a routine traffic stop. Unfortunately, for the Hammond police, the entire incident with sound was recorded by the driver’s teenage son, who, along with his 7-year-old sibling, was in the car the entire time.

Hammond police claim no wrong doing or excessive force, defending their actions as necessary as they were concerned for their own safety. Given this incident and many others involving police claiming to act in the name of safety, is tasering and having your car damaged—not to mention, the emotional trauma of experiencing a disagreement with an officer—the new reality for any citizen stopped by the police?