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Independent Police Review Authority Fails Our City Once Again

Posted on: June 20th, 2016 by Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

Once again the Chicago Police Department and Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) have left us disgusted.

This week, a five-year statute of limitations passed on taking disciplinary action on Commander Glenn Evans, a high-ranking Chicago cop who has become well-known for his aggressive tactics and having and unprecedented number of citizen complaints brought against him – over 50 to be exact. The most serious of these allegations is being brought against him by Romanucci & Blandin on behalf of Ricky Williams, that he shoved a gun down the throat of Williams and threatened to kill him.


In early May, IPRA’s new chief administrator, Sharon Fairley, bid to have Commander Evans fired for breaking the nose of a woman who refused to be fingerprinted. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson proposed a 30-day suspension instead, but was unable to reach a compromise with Fairley. She then asked that a three-member panel of the Chicago Police Board settle the dispute. The next day, Fairley rescinded the request in hopes of still reaching an agreement with Johnson. However, since then, lawyers for IPRA and the CPD figured out that the five-year statute of limitations mandated by state law had passed in April and Evans could no longer be fired for that offense.

How officials failed to act before a five-year statute of limitations passed on taking disciplinary action on a CPD Commander who has repeatedly had complaints brought against him is simply inexcusable. This is another complete failure by IPRA. We are disgusted by the actions of IPRA and by the fact that Commander Evans will continue to be a working member of the CPD. Read more here in the Chicago Tribune.