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Fairfax Police Department Fires Officer in Death of Unarmed Man

Posted on: August 24th, 2015 by Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

Nearly two years after the shooting of an unarmed man in broad daylight, the Fairfax, VA police finally made the move to fire the officer at the center of this tragic event.

As reported by the Washington Post in its ongoing coverage of the incident, Officer Adam D. Torres shot and killed John Geer without cause while he was standing at the doorstep of his home.  Officer Torres stated that he fired his weapon in the belief that Geer had suddenly lowered his hand as if going for a weapon.  This assertion was disputed by three of Torres’ fellow officers who were standing just steps away from the scene, as well as two civilians who were nearby.  Despite these eyewitness accounts, it remains to be seen whether Mr. Torres will be indicted in Geer’s death.

While we applaud the overdue decision of the Fairfax Police Department to terminate Torres, it’s important to note that police misconduct is race blind.  John Geer was Caucasian.  It’s also laudable that Mr. Geer’s family was awarded $3 million, the largest settlement involving a police shooting in Virginia.  Unfortunately, it’s taxpayers that foot the bill for these serious and often tragic indiscretions, and will continue to pay when police officers step outside the bounds of the law.