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Eddie Johnson Named New Chicago Police Superintendent

Posted on: April 7th, 2016 by Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

As announced last week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel evaluated the three finalists for Chicago’s next police superintendent, which were selected by the independent Police Board. In the end Rahm decided to go against all three selected finalists and chose someone who didn’t even apply for the job, Eddie Johnson.

Once again Rahm surprises everyone – Instead of going along with the recommendation of his hand-picked police board, he went against them and chose Johnson. On one hand, Rahm should be commended for being independent, but on the other, he should be criticized for being too independent.

eddie johnson

What sense is there in having a system of checks and balances, such as an “independent” review board if he merely chooses to exercise executive discretion for the purposes of his political reasons? Nothing that we have found or heard suggests the candidates of the review board were ill qualified. It is quite possible the opposite is true.

The Mayor went with a non-vetted choice because it was the safest political path. By all appearances Eddie Johnson is a qualified candidate but what does it say when he never even applied for the position? Will he be committed for the 4-5 years that it takes to implement a long term strategy? For our city’s sake, let’s hope so.