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Is CPD Commander Evans the Modern Jon Burge?

Posted on: October 27th, 2014 by Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

Given the numerous misconduct and brutality allegations against CPD Commander Glenn Evans during his 20-plus year police tenure, it would seem the obvious answer is yes, Evans is a government-sanctioned bully masquerading as a civil servant. However, many community members in Chicago’s south side Park Manor neighborhood—Evans’ former district—don’t see him that way.

Veteran Chicago reporter, Mike Parker, recently looked into why Evans has his community’s backing despite the chronic record of brutality allegations. According to people he spoke to about Evans, they hadn’t witnessed this alleged misconduct themselves, and more importantly, he kept the neighborhood safe and crime-free.

Hear no evil, see no evil? Community members are clearly aware of the serious allegations against Evans, who can easily be likened to another infamous former CPD commander Jon Burge, but since they—or family members—haven’t been on the receiving end of Evans’ brand of law enforcement themselves, the allegations are simply allegations.

Click here to see Parker’s recent interview on CBS with R&B’s Antonio Romanucci.