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Antonio M. Romanucci, on Verdict in the Trial of Glenn Evans

Posted on: December 14th, 2015 by Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

Despite today’s not guilty verdict in the criminal case against former CPD Commander Glenn Evans, we are confident that the civil case filed on behalf of Rickey Williams will meet the burden of proof and detail, in no uncertain terms, that Mr. Williams’ constitutional rights were violated when excessive, unwarranted force was inflicted upon him by Commander Evans.

As testified in court proceedings, on January 30, 2013, Chicago Police Commander Evans forcefully shoved his duty weapon into the mouth of Mr. Williams in an unprovoked act, committed under the guise of effectuating a false arrest.  Mr. Williams was also battered in the incident and a Taser was shoved into his groin in an attempt to extract a confession.

This unprovoked attack was promptly investigated by the Independent Police Review Authority at the request of Mr. Williams and his family.  Indeed, the DNA found on the barrel of Commander Evans’ weapon matched the saliva of Ricky Williams.

Upon conclusion of its investigation, the IPRA promptly issued a memo to then Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy recommending that Commander Evans be relieved of his police powers and to “evaluate” the Commander’s assignment.

Despite IPRA’s findings and recommendations, Mr. Evans remained in his post as a District Commander.  Incredibly, despite a long history of citizen complaints regarding excessive force, numerous investigations by the IPRA and Office of Professional Standards, the aggressiveness of this attack, and the match between weapon and saliva, Supt. McCarthy promoted Evans to a District Commander position in March of 2014 praising him as “probably the most aggressive district commander in the Chicago Police Department” and one of his “best guys.”

It was not until late August 2014, after criminal charges were filed and the case gained widespread media attention, that Commander Glenn Evans was stripped of his police powers.

While we are disappointed with today’s verdict, we look forward to presenting our case.  We are confident that the evidence as outlined, combined with the documented history of malfeasance as perpetuated by Mr. Evans, will satisfactorily meet our burden of proof.